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030tango records Tango Performances of all styles of dancing. We try to document what is happening in Berlin and at Festivals all over Europe. But we are not only recordings Videos but are also fans of great Tango dancing, so we collected Videos and biographys of some of our favourite Maestros. Click on their names for more.

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Roxana Suarez and Sebastian AchavalRoxana Suarez & Sebastian Achaval - Tango Dancers

Roxana and Sebastián are one of the most famous Tango couples of our time. 030tango has the great pleasure to have recorded their most watched Video on Youtube and various other great performances.
For a selection of their performances from various sources, click here.

Stefanía Colina and Juan-Martín Carrara

Stefanía and Juan-Martín are from Uruquay and enchant people all over the World with their elegant dancing and charme.

For more performances of Stefanía and Juan-Martín go here.


Maria Ines Bogado and Sebastian Jimenez

Since they won the International Tango Salon Championships in 2010 they are present at festivals all over the world. Their performances show their incredible energy and out of the dancefloor they are incredible polite and nice.

Watch more of their performances here.

Noelia Hurtado y Carlitos Espinosa

Noelia Hurtado y Carlitos Espinoza

Noelia and Carlitos are one of the most influential young Tango couples of our time. Their unique combination of traditional elements, musicality and playfullness gathered a huge fan crowd quickly after they started working together.

For more performances of Noelia and Carlitos go here.


Chicho Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda

Juana and Chicho changed the way Tango is danced and received with their unique and creative dancing. 030tango had the great pleasure to record them at the 1st Embrace Tango Community Festival in Berlin.

For more performances of Juana and Chicho go here.

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