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Dominic Bridge

Dominic Bridge started dancing in 2005 at the age of eighteen in the United States. Completely taken by tango, a year later he packed his bags for Buenos Aires. From the beginning, his focus on connection, action-reaction, energy, and emotion as something to be studied and cultivated has had a deep influence on his dancing […]

Lina Chan and Bulent Karabagli

Lina began her dance training at the age of 3. She became a dance teacher since the age of 14. She has over 35 years of experience as dancer and teacher of Tango, Classical Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz and other dance forms. Bulent has 30 years of experience teaching and dancing all the over the […]

Sophia Paul and Julio César Calderón

Sophia Paul and Julio César Calderón met during the tango world championshop 2016 in Buenos Aires, while they danced at the same tier in the semi finals. They started working together in January 2017. They belong to a new generation of dancers, that dedicate them-self to tango full time. In their developement as a dance […]


Recommended Milongas in Berlin, as of December 2017

Berlin is one of the biggest Tango citys in Europe (It’s kind of a sport in Europ to discuss what city is the biggest after Buenos Aires. Paris, Moscow, Istanbul and Berlin each suppose they are the biggest … I personally don’t care.). Because it is so big, we have a lot of Milongas to choose from. […]