A Los Amigos on 030tango

Rethymno, Greece

The Rethymno International Tango Festival “A Los Amigos” was a lifetime dream come true. The vibrant tango community of Rethymno, but also the entire tango community of Crete, a place in the periphery of Greece and Europe, opened up in a big embrace and founded A Los Amigos in 2013. An event that aims at maintaining the essence of Τango. The cast of A los Amigos has always been filled with artists who are respected a lot for their contribution in the growth of tango. This festival was conceived as a true celebration of Tango & Friendship and it has been growing every year more and more thanks to the love of the people who visit it and the help of the volunteers and their sponsors. They just love what they do and hope to welcome you too in their embrace!