030tango Team

030tango Team

Jonas Zadow
Picture by Zhanna Krasnoschek

Jonas Zadow

Videos and Webmaster

Jonas founded 030tango in 2013 together with Horst. There was a lack of moving images from the Berlin Tango scene and after he took pictures of social dancing for a long time he though “that can’t be so hard after all, no?”. Little did he know… but after two years with a lot of work it’s still a lot of fun.
Besides watching the big picture of the further developements of 030tango, he is in charge of all Video productions on the channel. In his other life Jonas is a sound engineer, having worked with a wide range of artists from Till Brönner over Paul Van Dyk till Rammstein.
Visit his official homepage at

Horst Martin


Horst is the Co-Founder of 030tango. He is always active and tries to advance the Tango scene, so documenting what is happening in Berlin is close to his heart. In 2014 he was also one of the creators of the Embrace Berlin Tango Community Festival, a concept that has already been taken to other citys afterwards. At 030tango he is helping to promote the channel and the featured festivals and artists.
In his other life he is the CEO of a press agency.
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Daniela Schulz


Daniela is with us from the first hour. She did all graphics and artwork for the 030tango Videos and designed our logo, that is now recognized all over the world. Besides that she always has valuable input on where to go to next!

Arek Chrusciel

Webdesign and Camera

Arek is our go to man when we need a 2nd camera. Besides that he build our homepage and helped building up 030tango from the start.

He runs ip-unit, an agency for web developement, social media consulting and video production. So if you need a website for your business, get in contact with him right away!

Picture by Evgeny Romanov



Eve lives in the beautiful city of Berlin and writes since 2014 about her favourite hobbies: Tango and Travelling. Suffering from a chronical allergy to german winter, she lives 3 months a year in Buenos Aires. Since 2016 she writes exclusively for 030tango and provides the latest news from Marathons, Festivals, tanguera life in Buenos Aires and anything else a Tango traveller needs to know.

Mikael Holber


Mikael is the first staff photographer of 030tango. Besides being part of the 030tango-Team he is a freelance photographer working mainly with conceptual and studio portraits. For 030tango, he hopes to provide images from milongas and life in and around tango.

You can find more of his work on his homepage