Berlin Open Tango Contest 2019 – Qualification Tango Ronda 1

Watch Ronda 1 from the Qualification of the Tango competition of Berlin Open Tango Contest 2019!

The dancers are (Couples with * moved on to the Semi-Final)
25 Marketa Perdersen & Darius Eichler
*60 Andrea Hung & Pietro Greco
*71 Tatyana Berenzaft & Ilya Ligostaev
*33 Bojana Brajovic & Olaf Kroll
*73 Elisabeth Knock & Luis Rodriguez
65 Fiona Mikowski & Themis Sidiropoulos
*64 Miranda Tomassoni & Julio Alvarez
*62 Cristina Saggese & Salvador Saggese

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Brought to you with the support of
Berlin Open Tango Contest

Recorded on 2019/06/07
#030tango #tango
Produced in cooperation with
Pressebüro Horst Martin

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