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Tango Cherries – Malmö Tango Marathon 2014, Sweden

The Malmö Marathon is one of the events with a long tradition, it has been the 11th year in a row now. It takes place in a dance studio outside the city center, but easily reachable with public transport. They have a nice wooden floor, one big wall fully covered with mirrors, and even a […]

Tango Cherries – From Russia with Love 2014, Moscow, Russia

I confess I haven’t been that nervous before any tango trip as I have been before going to Moscow. Even if tango is not political, the actual situation made me think a lot if I want to risk to go there. Eventually I decided to go, especially because it was such an effort to organize […]

Traveling – Single follower in a new town

Having to travel is part of the business life for many of us. And from a certain point of tango addiction on you definitely will check out the milongas in the cities you travel to, to go out and see some non-business-related people. Not only do you want to go out, you want to dance. And not […]

030tango Road Trip Blog – Day 04 – Paris 1

The last travel day before going home to Berlin started early again. This time it would be the train, to test out all modes of transportation and it’s very convenient from Brussels to Paris after all. Arriving in Paris at 9 in the morning already, I went to my friend Lucia, who would host me […]