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Cabeceo Stories on 030tango are online!

In this exciting new series we gather stories from Tango dancers from all over the world about their favourite cabeceo stories! The cabeceo is an essential part of Argentine Tango culture. A simple but elegant way to show interest to dance with each other! Because we are not used to look into each others eyes, it can […]

Tango Cherries – Remolino Mattstedt Marathon 2014, Germany

Travelling to Mattstedt is always a challenge. Not only that you have barely no mobile network there, the remoteness of the place is also guaranteed by the simple impossibility to get there via a freeway, a nice german autobahn. To reach paradise you need to suffer from beautiful, but slowly going small streets, in front […]

030tango Road Trip Blog – Day 06 – Paris 3

Last day in Paris. The weather still showed it’s grey side, so Lucia and me took the opportunity to sleep in and have a late breakfast. After a small walk around the neighborhood, including the Cimetière Père-Lachaise, we already went on our way to the only interview of the day and the milonga of the night. […]

Recommended Milongas in Berlin, as of February 2020

Berlin is one of the biggest Tango cities in Europe (It’s kind of a sport in Europe to discuss what city is the biggest after Buenos Aires. Paris, Moscow, Istanbul and Berlin each suppose they are the biggest… I don’t care.). Because it is so big, we have a lot of Milongas to choose from. Sometimes it’s […]

Tango Cherries – St. Petersburg Marathon, 2016, Russia

After travelling to Moscow for 2 consecutive years for a marathon I felt ready to try other Russian dance events as well. And after 2 times trying to make it on the list for the St. Petersburg Marathon, this year I have been successful with my registration and I have been looking forward a lot. St. Petersburg […]