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030tango Road Trip 1

030tango Road Trip 1 The first 030tango Road Trip is coming up and i’ll take all forms of transportation to cover as much as possible in as little days as possible. At the 8th of September i’ll fly to Amsterday. At the 10th of September i’ll take the bus to Brussels. At the 11th of September […]

030tango Road Trip Blog – Day 01 – Amsterdam I

Finally on the road! As a lot of Tango dancers i’m not a morning person… at all! So getting up at 4 to catch my flight to Amsterdam was not easy, but being a bit nervous about it, worked out well and i was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise at the airport! One and half hours […]

030tango Road Trip Blog – Day 02 – Amsterdam II

We all have these days: you are in Amsterdam, want to do some interviews and some sight seeing and you end up on a boat tour with intense conversations about tango, life, culture and relationships. Starting in the center of the town Inge and Mau gave me the real Amsterdam experience! There are not many […]

030tango Road Trip Blog – Day 03 – Brussels

This day showed all the ups and downs of such a trip in one day. I wanted to make sure to test out being in a city, doing the interviews and getting all the material I need in just one day. After all this will happen several times during the 2nd trip and you should know […]

030tango Road Trip Blog – Day 04 – Paris 1

The last travel day before going home to Berlin started early again. This time it would be the train, to test out all modes of transportation and it’s very convenient from Brussels to Paris after all. Arriving in Paris at 9 in the morning already, I went to my friend Lucia, who would host me […]