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Tango Cherries – Toulouse Marathon 2014, France

To be honest I’ve been very sceptical about tango in Toulouse. Last year I’ve been at the Tango Postale Festival, and it was unfortunately one of my worst tango experiences. A full festival of best agers, dressed like for escenario dancing, and skills (dancing, floorcraft, cabeceo) not much above zero. I remember very hard and […]

Tango Cherries – Bohnes Aires 2015, Erfurt, Germany

Ok, the name sounds first, eh, a bit weird, but never mind, it’s worth laughing 🙂 The concept of the event has been a mixture of encuentro and marathon. The encuentro elements have been announced as: use cabeceo/mirada, invitation to clear the dance floor after one tanda, dedicated times for afternoon- and evening milongas as […]

Tango Cherries – La Latina 2014, Roma, Italy

Being able to write about La Latina is a big honor, somehow. I guess at no other european marathon the ratio of people who register to people being accepted is so poor. And yes, I now can understand that almost everybody wants to go there. Reading the participants list on Facebook gave me the impression […]

Tango Cherries – OktoberFiesta Marathon, 2016, Berlin, Germany

Tango Cherries – OktoberFiesta Marathon, 2016, Berlin, Germany One of the traditional marathons held in Berlin is the OktoberFiesta. Some years it is happening even at the end of september to the amusement of attendees, but this year it has been “correct” on a october date. Organized by a well know tanguero from Ireland it […]