About the 030tango Road Trip

Argentine Tango connects people. It arrived in Europe decades ago and spread all over the continent. Tango is being danced in every European country, every major city.

But what connects all these people? They have vastly different cultural and musical backgrounds, and still they chose a dance from a different continent to be their passion. We will set out on a trip through Europe to meet dancers, see citys with strong tango communities and talk to them. What do they have in common? What unique cultural influences became part of the Tango culture in different countries? Why do people travel through Europe for Festivals and Tango Marathons, investing a huge part of their income into their past time?

030tango goes on a series of Roadtrips to find out!We will go on 3 Trips, that take us through 20 countries, talk to dancers and organizers about their connection to the dance and the community. In our goal to find out what fuels their passion for Tango!

Starting from Berlin we will first go West, to go to some of the biggest and oldest tango scenes in Europe. Amsterdam, Brussles and Paris will be the first citys we discover.

Next our travels will take us south, to Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Milano and Basel.

Our last trip will take us to the North and East. Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and Warsaw will let us discover the special Scandinavian and Eastern European perspectives on Tango and social dancing.

For this unique project, there will be daily Blog posts during our travels on 030tango.de/roadtrip.

After coming back from each trip, a series of short movies will be produced about each day of the trip, with Interviews, pictures from the citys and the local dance events we go to.

No one ever did this kind of project about the European Tango Community and it’s a huge endeavour. To make it happen, we would like to ask for support dancers, local organizers and international festivals. They have the chance to advertise on our homepage and in the videos, to have a long lasting promotional and image effect!

Due to our long years of dancing, we have personal connections in bascially every bigger European city. Those private contacts would be willing to host the whole 030tango Road Trip team.

But still the fuel tank has to filled and now and then we have to eat, so for the trip itself we would like to get some more help from the community.

Join us, on the 030tango Road Trip!