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Tango Cherries – Frankfurt Tango Marathon, 2017, Frankfurt/M. (Germany)

When the organizer of this marathon gave his good bye speech to us, he mentioned the credo of this event: German organization, but Italian food 🙂 It describes well the warm hearted soul of this marathon – it’s done by a multinational team of organizers and helpers, and they devote themselfes to the well-being of […]

Tango Cherries – Soñando Marathon, 2017, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

It’s been a while since I have been dancing in Amsterdam in a marathon. I guess it’s about 2 or 3 years ago – I remember a lovely location at the water, but ok dancing. Ah yes, it has been the year of the soccer world championship, because Germany won the final against Argentina! What […]

Tango Cherries – Hypezig Marathon, 2017, Leipzig (Germany)

The hype about the city of Leipzig as *the* new place to live for hipsters from all over the world (following Berlin as *the* place to be) created the word Hypezig once. But now it has another meaning, at least within the community of tango dancers – because it is the name of one of […]

Tango Cherries – OktoberFiesta Marathon, 2016, Berlin, Germany

Tango Cherries – OktoberFiesta Marathon, 2016, Berlin, Germany One of the traditional marathons held in Berlin is the OktoberFiesta. Some years it is happening even at the end of september to the amusement of attendees, but this year it has been “correct” on a october date. Organized by a well know tanguero from Ireland it […]

Tango Cherries – Marathon de mi Barrio, 2016, Hamburg (Germany)

To establish a new tango marathon in a city where a famous and heavily asked one is already organized is not an easy task. The higher I appreciate the efforts taken to found a new marathon in my home town, Marathon de mi Barrio. With a very short time to organize (around 3 months only) […]