Recommended Milongas in Berlin, as of February 2020

Berlin is one of the biggest Tango cities in Europe (It’s kind of a sport in Europe to discuss what city is the biggest after Buenos Aires. Paris, Moscow, Istanbul and Berlin each suppose they are the biggest… I don’t care.). Because it is so big, we have a lot of Milongas to choose from. Sometimes it’s […]

Traveling – Single follower in a new town

Having to travel is part of the business life for many of us. And from a certain point of tango addiction on you definitely will check out the milongas in the cities you travel to, to go out and see some non-business-related people. Not only do you want to go out, you want to dance. And not […]

Traveling – Recommended Milongas in Istanbul, as of May 2016

Disclaimer: Things change from time to time in Istanbul. Please verify any information you find here! We are happy if you let us know if given information is outdated, thank you! I am aware of the difficult times we face now. Terroristic acts hit many big cities around the world and in Europe. Nonetheless I will […]

Traveling – Turkish Delights in Istanbul, as of may 2014

Many of my follower friends told me about *the* turkish guys, about their embrace, and that going to Istanbul for followers is like going to Moscow for leaders. In march we ended up planning our trip, my swedish friend and me, just to go to Istanbul to do girlie stuff and to dance at regular […]