Cecilia Acosta (Tucumán-Argentina)
Dancer and teacher of Argentine Tango and Argentine folklore.
Finalist of the metropolitan championship of Buenos Aires 2017, Milonga category. Regional champion in the Tango saloon category and Milonga category, representing Tucumán (2015).

Levan Gomelauri (Tbilisi-Georgia).
One of the founders of "Tbilisi Tango" community, dancer, teacher, DJ, creator of the group "Tango Vagabundo" (accordion). He finished the Doctorate as a composer of classical music in the Tbilisi state Conservatory.

They started to dance together in 2017. Currently they work in Georgia at their school “Tbilisi Tango” and are the organizers of the milongas "Linville", "Armario de Vino", and "Trasnochando".
In 2016 and 2017 they were part of the organizing group of the "Tbilisi Tango Weekend".

During their first year working together they were twice in Argentina to teach and perform in different cities like: Córdoba capital, Rio Tercero, Villa Carlos Paz, Buenos Aires, San Miguel de Tucumán, Concepción, and Aguilares.
In Buenos Aires they performed in renowned milongas like "Mi Refugio", "Cachirulo", and "La Rosa Milonga".

In 2018 they participated at the "First Championship of the Center of the Country", held in Córdoba (Argentina), where couples from different cities and nearby countries competed and they placed second!