Celeste Rey and Sebastian Nieva have been dancing Argentine Tango since 1999 and have been a couple since 2007.

Among their most important teachers are Sabrina and Ruben Veliz, Roberto Herrera, Miguel Angel Zotto, and other great maestros of Argentine Tango. They were finalists of the Mundial de baile de Tango in 2009 and became part of the Tango Company of Juan Carlos Copes. Other shows in Buenos Aires where they performed at are: "Taconeando", "La Ideal", "Bocatango", "36 Billares" and "La Academia Nacional del Tango".

In 2010 they were invited to move to Japan, to teach at the "Destino Tango" academy in Nagoya. Other citys in Japan where they teached and performed are Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe.

Celeste and Sebastian moved to Europe in the years 2013/2014 and visited many countries, among them: Italy, France, Belgium, Portugal, Macedonia, Spain, Holland, Germany and Switzerland. Since then they participated in prestigious Tango Festivals and gave workshops in different European cities.

Currently they live in Sicily, Italy. They teach regulary at the cultural Association "Tangoquerido" in Messina and at the "Zenith Tango Academy" in Catania.

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