Lina Chan and Bulent Karabagli

Lina began her dance training at the age of 3. She became a dance teacher since the age of 14. She has over 35 years of experience as dancer and teacher of Tango, Classical Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz and other dance forms.

Bulent has 30 years of experience teaching and dancing all the over the world as guest maestros in major festivals and cities, such as Baltimore Tango Elements, Toronto Tango Festival, Nuevo Tango Festival in Montreal & Toronto Tango Experience, Ottawa, the US and as far as Asia. He trained a lot of good teachers and developed the tango scene in Montreal.

Bulent and Lina are well known for their innovative and improvisational approach to Argentine Tango as well their elegance and fine sense of musicality.​​

As teachers they stress the importance of understanding the structural foundation of tango as well as good connection, musicality and techniques that are essential to become an excellent dancer. They also emphasize the ability of leaders and followers to improvise, create and explore, and the dance partners are then able to have the freedom to develop their own style and musicality.

Bulent and Lina like to encourage their students to experiment and to have fun. The dance becomes more than just figures and sequences, it is a personal expression and creative interpretation of music, where partners communicate, improvise and grow into the masters of their own style.

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