Marcela Monzon and Edgardo Balatti

Marcela Monzon is a classic an contemporary dancer,formed as teacher in the Escuela Nacional de Danzas Maria Ruanova, formed by prestigious professor as Nancy Boca, Alfredo Caruso, Estela Erman, Noemi Coelho, Laura Roatta, Roxana Grinstein. Also she has a degree in Yoga by the Lonavla Yoga Institute, Püne University, India
Became tango dancer with very recognized masters as Raul Bravo, Carolina Bonaventura, Mario Morales, Yanina Erramouspe.
She participate in several musicals in very renowned theaters in the city porteña. By the orders of very famous theater directors. (Me and my girl, 42nd street, Broadway)
She speaks english.

Edgardo Balatti is a tango and folklore dancer, formed by important professor as Mary y Marcelo Dafonte, Juan Carlos Copes, Osvaldo Zotto,, Raul Bravo, Mario Morales and Yanina Erramouspe. In folklorical dances Mr. Ramon Jerez.
He also participate in many private shows and exhibitions.

The couple was formed in 2010. They realized many tours in Central America and insight Argentina.
They begin to teach in several places in Buenos Aires, El Tacuari, Gricel, Escuela Argentina de Tango. Actually in Mario Morales`studio and Nueva Escuela Argentina de Tango.
In 2014, they won the 4th position in the Metropolitano Championship in Buenos Aires.
In 2015, they became Senior Champions in the same competition and into the Vals final instance .
In 2014, 2015 and 2016 consecutively participate in the Mundial de Tango and in three opportunities they arrive to the final instance.
In 2016 they arrived at 9th place. They also participate in the Cambalache Festival and in the IX Congreso de Danzas. As well were coaches of the champions of the city 2016.

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