Tango Tribe

The Tango Tribe is a school for Argentine tango, and a warm, welcoming rental space for movement and meditation arts.
Introvert or extrovert, show-off or shy, we all seek genuine connections with others. With all the possible leisure time activities available to a person, from safe to insane, why might you choose Argentine tango?
Known by many as a walking embrace, the dance of Argentine tango has paradoxical qualities that make it stand out. While you can start learning the dance as simply as walking with a partner to music, you can spend a lifetime learning the intricacies and possibilities of the form. While you may learn figuras, patterns of the dance, you’ll rarely ever use them that way in this highly improvisational dance. While you have an intense and private dance “conversation” with your partner, you also dance with the rest of the room.
Tango Tribe helpsyou to the world of dancing Argentine tango. Regardless of whatever limiting beliefs or past experiences you may have had, they believe in you, and they believe in their ability to help you discover something wonderful for yourself.

5446 West US Hwy 290 Service Road
Suite 105
Austin TX 78735-8820

On the northwest corner of the Highway 290 service road and Industrial Oaks Blvd. Easy on and off highway access in both directions. Only one mile west of Mopac.

They have progressive classes every Tuesday night of the month.
tangotribe.com/group-classesThe night starts with an Intermediate class, then comes the Beginners class, and if Intermediate stay to help, it’s free! The evening ends with a guided practice hour free to all students who took classes that night, and only $5 for others.

The Tango Tribe feels that their distinctive quality lies in helping people move toward what they DO want in their dance. With their deep study of the tango AND the subjects of teaching, learning, practice, body mechanics, and more, they feel that they can effectively help people learn in a creative way.

The Tango Tribe space is also available for rent! A 20′ x 60′ open space, with a soft, smooth dance floor, plenty of surround seating, and other amenities. They want to attract classes and meetings and groups of people that share their desire to create warmly inviting, inclusive communities of people sharing their passions. They invite *all persons* who respect and support others to join then.

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