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Gastón Camejo

From childhood his mother and the music were his biggest influence in always staying in connection with the art. At age 17 he sees for first time a young couple from the National Folkloric Ballet of Uruguay dancing tango, and he is impressed by them. This experience highly motivated him and at age 18 he joins such organization.

During the following years, he brought the art and his profession running in parallel until in 2013, driven by his love to Lorena, he decides to leave everything behind and move to Buenos Aires. In his new country, his technique grew from experimentation to his way of living between the milongas, the rehearsal rooms and the Tango studies, in such a way that he takes the decision to devote himself entirely to the profession of dancing Tango. Today, his love for Lorena who drove him to the biggest change in his life, binds his passion to merge as a Tango couple…