Julio César Calderón

Berlin, Germany

Julio César Calderón discovered tango when he was 17. His parents obliged him to accompany his little sister to tango lessions. At that moment he could not believe how much the tango would influence his life.
During his training as a dancer he took classes with great maestros as Valeria Eguía and Roberto Canelo, Alejandra Armenti and Daniel Juárez, as well as Noelia Coletti and Pablo Giorgini.
In 2010 he started an apprenticeship as a tango teacher at the “Canelo Tango Estudio” where he taught until the end of 2017. Additionally he taught tango, milonga and vals at various places as “Fundación Tango Argentino”, “Escuela de Tango de Flores” and the milonga “Obelisco Tango”.
During his dancing career he did numerous performances in the most prestigious milongas of Buenos Aires. In 2016 he reached the Semi-Final of the “Campeonato de Baile de la Ciudad” in the categories tango and milonga.
In the same year he danced at the final of the world championship in the category “Tango de pista”, where the top 40 couples perform. Here he placed 30th out of the over 500 couples in the competition. The final took place in the well known location “Luna Park”. At that world championship he met Sophia Paul. They work together since 2017.