Michael Sacher

Known for his slogan “no rubbish, just tango”, Michael Sacher stands for a brisk and elegant social tango that is easy to dance at milongas − but also for an offbeat career:

After he had completed his professional training as a car mechanic in GDR Berlin, young Michael started working as a bin man for the Berlin refuse collection services. Some years later, he went back to school and attended evening classes to complete his A-levels. Afterwards he read European Ethnology and modern and contemporary history at Humboldt University.

As he had always been fond of vintage music, it did not take much for a friend to persuade him to take a class in argentine tango in 2004. He soon found himself immersed in tango at Mala Junta studio Berlin and with many renowned teachers from Argentina and Europe. His passion for the dance as well as encouraging words from his teacher Gaia Pisauro eventually led him to teach tango himself.

To learn more about the origins and cultural background of argentine tango, Michael travelled to Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Montevideo in 2010/11 and 2014/15, where he also danced and studied in local communities to advance both his dancing and teaching skills.

Since 2012 he has coached dance theatre companies who would like to add argentine tango to their repertoire for specific productions. With his help the dance theatre play “Abrazos – Tanz überwindet Grenzen” (“Abrazos − danser au-delà des frontiers”) by companies Evoke and TC-Boyz was choreographed and staged in Berlin, Paris, and Munich. Occasionally he also teaches tango to young persons at schools and festivals as means to playfully train awareness, fine motor skills, and relating to others.

To date, Michael remains a man of two worlds: He dons the orange bin man uniform during the day half of the week and changes to the milonguero’s mood at night.

As a tango teacher he helps you create a comfortable embrace and develop a concise lead. You are also given the opportunity to develop a better ear for tango music – Michael plays piano himself – as well as good floorcraft allowing you and your partner to dance tango in rich and varied ways but also to enjoy a relaxed dancing experience even at crowded milongas.

His beloved Parson Russell Terrier lady Mokka is always at his side and brings a furry warmth to both his Berlin tango classes and his life.