Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa on 030tango


Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa have been dancing together as dance partners since 2007. Prior to joining an Argentine tango dance company named ‘Complejo Tango’, they were holding performances in private dance shows across Argentina.

Subsequently they went on to participate in the "Metropolitano Tango" World Championship. They were very well prepared for this, having studied strenuously with several world-renowned Argentine tango maestros, such as Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte, and Jorge Dispari, to name just a few. Their hard work paid off when they were subsequently crowned Champions in the ‘Tango salon’ and ‘Milonga’ categories.

In that very same year, reaching ever higher, they pursued their next endeavour, which was the Mundial de Baile de Tango held at the Obras stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There, they emerged victorious at the World Championship, on 30th September 2008.

They also competed in and subsequently won the Japan Tango Championship, making them the first tango dance couple to have won four most prestigious tango competitions within a single year.


Source: Trasnochando.de