European Tango Championship 2019 – Tango de pista – Qualification Day 1 Ronda 4

Watch Ronda 4 from Qualification Day 1 during the European Tango Championship 2019 in Bellaria, Italy.

The dancers are (couples with a * moved to the Semi-Final)
*227 Claudia del Greco and Andrea Angione – Italy
228 Buket Akdol and Yerlan Nurpeissov – Kazakhstan
*230 Silvina Diana Aguera and Riccardo Ongari – Italy
*231 Polina Bokova and Ilya Skripkin – Russia
232 Tetyana Manuylenko and Pierre Gatt – Belgium
*233 Sveta Berlin and Dmitrii Vorobov – Russia
234 Gulshat Nurpeissova and Vitalii Dosenko – Kazakhstan

The music was
Carlos Di Sarli/Alberto Podestá “Lloran las campanas”
Osvaldo Fresedo/Roberto Ray “Angustia”
Rodolfo Biagi/Teófilo Ibáñez “Gólgota”

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Brought to you with the support of
European Tango Championship & Festival

Recorded on 2019/06/26
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