Featured Festivals


Łódź Festival of Tango de Salon

030tango is the official partner of the International Łódź  Festival of Tango de Salon for all their performance videos since 2013.

Embrace Berlin

Embrace Berlin is the Tango Community Festival in Berlin. 030tango helped document it since the first Edition in 2014.

Lyon Tango Festival

An exciting new festival in Lyon, France. 030tango will be there from the beginning!

Sultans of Istanbul Tango Festival

030tango film the first Edition of the Sultans of Istanbul Tango Festival in 2016.


Friends of 030tango

Nou Berlin

Nou Tango Berlin is one of the biggest Tango schools in Berlin and worked with 030tango on many projects, be it the documentation of performances at their school, producing a movie about the Tango Circus at the Tango High Festival 2013 or support for the 030tango Road Trip.

Mala Junta Berlin

Another of the big Berlin Tango schools and a long time partner of 030tango.

El Cachivache Quinteto

An exciting modern Tango Orchestra and musical Partner of the 030tango Road Trip.

Berlin Tango Guide

Berlin Tango Guide publishes the great Berlin Tango Map. So if you come visit Berlin, grab one at basically all milongas in town and have a paper guide to all milongas and Tango shopping needs!


030tango filmed at the Trasnochando Festival in Berlin in 2015.

Internationales Tango Festival Karlsruhe

We filmed for the Tango Festival Karlsruhe in 2016

Tango Tage Halle

030tango covered the Tango Tage Halle the first time in 2015.

Dia(s) Del Tango Festival Sofia

Happening the first time in 2015, 030tango will go there to capture all performances!


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