Maria Ines Bogado and Sebastian Jimenez on 030tango

Sebastián Jiménez (born at the 20th of May 1992) started his dance training at the age of 4 with Argentine Folklore. At 10, he discovered Tango and clung to it indefinitely. He started studying with two of the most renown Maestros of Tango de Salón, Rosa Forte and Carlos Pérez, since he was 14. 

María Inés Bagado also started her dancing career with Argentine Folklore, at the age of 13. When she was 18, she discovered Tango and started learning with Cristina Pugni and Diego Gauna.

They started working together at the end of 2007, training with Rosa and Carlos and performing at the most important traditional milongas of Buenos Aires. By mid-2008, they started training for the Metropolitan Championship and won in the vals category in 2010. It was the first year Sebastián was eligible to compete in the competition due to his age. Thanks to this achievement, they could participate at the 13th edition of the Tango World Championship and became the 2010 World Champions in the Tango de Salón category. He was the first man to receive this award at the age of 18.