Cabeceo Stories

The cabeceo is an essential part of Argentine Tango culture. A simple and elegant way to show interest to dance with each other! Because we are not used to look into each others eyes, it can be the cause for a lot of confusion and fun. But when it works, it’s the perfect way to start to dance!
030tango is gathering the best cabeceo stories by tango dancers from all over the world!

We would like to hear your story!
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150908_Cabeceo Stories – Sing–Tjoe_HP

Cabeceo Stories – Sing-Tjoe

Listen to the cabeceo story of Sing-Tjoe from Amsterdam! How cabeceo is an integral part of the tango culture for him, and how he remembers a moment...
150912_Cabeceo Stories – Marie-Anne_HP

Cabeceo Stories – Marie-Anne

Listen to the cabeceo story of Marie-Anne from Paris! For her it is something magical when two people stand up across a room to start dancing without words!
150913_Cabeceo Stories – Florin_HP

Cabeceo Stories – Florín

Listen to the cabeceo story of Florín from Paris! He tells one story of a success and one cabeceo failure from when he just started!
160710_Cabeceo Stories – Yana_HP

Cabeceo Stories – Yana

Listen to the cabeceo story of Yana from St. Petersburg! She tells the story of the strongest cabeceo she ever felt and a moment of confusion…