Tango Meeting Caserta 2018

Join us for Tango Meeting Caserta 2018! The great maestros Roxana Suarez and Sebastian Achaval Vanesa Villalba and Facundo Pineiro Maria Ines Bogado and Roberto Zuccarino will teach and perform for you! Live music by Ivan Talanin’s Tango en vivo! For more infos visit www.tangomeetingcaserta.com and like their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tangomeetingcaserta/

Who comes back next?

The most watched videos from the old channel are back (if you haven’t subscribed to the new 030tango YouTube channel, now is THE time to do so! Do so here: 030tango on YouTube) We asked our Patreon supporter who should come back next and this will be the order for the next couples (this will take […]

The future of 030tango

The old YouTube channel of 030tango will not come back. I tried to find a solution with the copyright owners several times, but it was like talking to a wall. So what will happen next? The 030tango archive currently consists of around 1400 videos. To upload and prepare everything as it was (and also re-edit […]

Tango video channels, are they worth it?

This post is a bit unusual for 030tango, as it touches on the reason why this platform exists and what we are trying to achieve with it. It is about the question if it is sensible for Tango professionals to cooperate with a dedicated video channel, instead of doing it all yourself. The following post […]

Sultans of Istanbul Marathon and Festival 2016/2017

Be ready for Sultans of Istanbul Tango Marathon and Festival 2016/2017! Official description: For the 3rd time we will have Sultanic Moments in magnificent Istanbul with hundreds of Tango lovers coming from all over the word. This beautiful gathering will take place in the magical time just after Christmas and during New Year’s Eve. This […]