Tango Cherries – Abrazo del Mar 2015, Blankenberge, Belgium

Nowadays we have many different types of tango events. Classic tango festivals and festivalitos, encuentros and marathons, tango camps and hybrids between this all.

Abrazo del mar is such a hybrid, it is defined as a mixture of a marathon and a festival. Means: the target is to get gender balanced inscriptions, furthermore there is dancing and eating in one place, plus workshops and shows with maestros.

The place is majestic: the venue is located above the sea, with a 360 degrees view to the north sea, the beach and the promenade. Catering and floor have been fantastic, and the selection of DJ’s suited a lot of tastes. The shows were very nice, and about the quality of the workshops I can not write, since I did not go there.

For me personally the usually wonderful afternoon sessions of a marathon lacked the people who have been attending the workshops. Due to a very widely spread level of dancers (from real beginners up to noelia and carlitos dancing socially) and many times significantly more followers waiting around the dance floor than leaders available it had been difficult for me to get good dances or get to know new friends. This has been as well the impression of my friends, leaders and followers.

My hotel room was a bit shabby, to be honest, but the mileage may differ here depending on your expectations and the hotel you were booked in. Since it has been my first time I did not have any experiences which hotel to choose from the organizers given selection (you are not allowed to book yourself in any hotel not on their list).

I would recommend this event if you love to go to festivals and want to participate in workshops, see excellent shows in a maritime environment with yummi food and very friendly and caring organizers.

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