Tango Cherries – Aegean Tango Marathon 2015, Cesme, Turkey

Imagine: the first thing u see in the “morning” is: the blue sea, with waves, seagulls, the beach. Paradise, at least for me! we all had rooms with sea view, and beside the wooden dance floor – a terrace to the sea. Having brunch you look at: the sea. I think I haven’t been at any place for a marathon which is more beautiful than this one.

View from a hotel room in Cesme
View from a hotel room in Cesme

And think about all the nice amenities of a 5 star hotel – we were almost the only guests there. Since high saison didn’t start yet the hotel and the beach were mainly a tanguero/tanguera district, as well as the wonderful spa with massage, sauna, turkish bath and pool, so it has been so easy and lovely to meet friends, make new friends, have a coffee, a chat, or just some sunbathing together. Not to forget to mention the excellent food. We were all indulged completely for this easter weekend.

The marathon has been a rather small and cozy one (less than 150 dancers, well gender balanced), with an exceptional friendly and warm atmosphere, true turkish hospitality from everyone we met, organizers, hotel staff, dancers.

The level was widely spread from a few beginners to top notch dancers, and dancers were half turkish, half international. The selection of DJ’s has been superb, and that I had sometimes difficulties with mirada and cabeceo I blame to different cultural approaches – some dancers seemed to be not used to it. Eventually I got almost all the dances I longed for, so a bit of flexibility is required 😉

Same if u happen to sit at a table with mainly turkish dancers – some of them are not very comfortable in speaking english, so use your hands and feet and learn some turkish words. It can be so funny to exercise correct turkish pronunciation … especially after having some turkish wodka (strongly recommended!) or other delicate stuff.

If you look for a kind, relaxed and small event, with some adventure in traveling (I guess more than half of us were on delayed flights), excellent dances, luxurious accomodation and the feeling of a seaside vacation: this is the place to be. Teşekkürler!

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