Tango Cherries – Aegean Tango Marathon 2016, Cesme, Turkey

Evening glow
Evening glow

Dancing in Turkey has always been very promising for followers, because Turkish leaders have a quite good reputation in Europe. Combining this with beach and sunshine – let’s go to Aegean Marathon!

Aegean Marathon was – to be honest – one of the rather expensive marathons, taking place in a very nice 5 star hotel directly on the beach, and it was – like most beautiful places – a bit tricky to reach.

Flying to Izmir for most of us requires at least one stopover. So many participants turned the long travel time into an advantage and booked some additional days in the hotel, just to enjoy the spa, the beach, the sunshine and spending some vacation here.

The marathon dance area has been in the same hotel, so it was very convenient to reach, or to take a break, have a shower or a nap, while the dancing continues. No public transport, no walking, just hopping into your room – so comfy!


The organizers are very dedicated people who take care of all the needs of their guests. Since almost none of the foreign guests spoke turkish, we could always call them for help. For example to talk to the bus driver at the airport where to let us out (at the hotel!). They organized a welcome tour to a gourmet restaurant on friday as well, where you could walk through the small old streets of Cesme, and enjoy a tasty lunch.

A wooden floor gave our feet a nice ground to dance on, while the aircon blew a bit too cold for my personal taste. The sound on the dance floor itself has been great, but it was a  bit too noisy in the area where we sat … chatting has been a bit difficult because of that. But there has always been the big terrace waiting just one step away, inviting us to sit on a couch, watch the sea, chat with our friends and enjoy the mild air.

The dance level has been spread from professional to intermediate dancers, the DJ’s were a mix from local and international experienced DJ’s. My personal favorite DJ-set of this event has been from: Jens-Ingo Brodesser.

I can’t miss describing the food: buffets were so tasty that we all ate way more than we might have planned or wanted. Simply amazing good food!

Changing the date of the marathon from pre-season to beginning summer season this year has turned out to be a very good idea regarding the weather, because we were out at the beach all day, swimming, sunbathing, laughing. The down side of it were some other events taking place at the same time at the hotel, especially on saturday. There was a family picnic day of a big local company, with music at the pool from 8.30 h in the morning. But since we have been playing tango music which can be heard in some rooms until 6 h in the morning, we shall not really complain …

As it is common in Turkey, not so many locals spoke english, neither did the staff of the hotel. So in most cases our creativity has been requested, using our hands and feet to communicate. Usually this worked out well but sometimes lead to funny situations, which with the help of the organizers have been sorted out conveniently.

Back home in rainy Germany I already miss the turkish sunny side of life!

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