Tango Cherries – All you can dance 2014, Freiburg, Germany

“All you can dance” sounds like an “all you can eat” buffet, and I have been curious what this can mean regarding tango. It has been a milonga weekend, I would call it. It is not a festival (no shows, no classes), but focuses on dancing, it is a bit like a marathon, because there are no rules regarding the dance, and there are well-known DJ’s entertaining the crowd with classical EdO music in tandas and cortinas. But the event lacks the organized gender balance, the pre-registration and – partly – the shared meals. It has been possible to get full milonga passes as well as tickets for single milongas, and you could buy it before hand or just when arriving at the venue.

The organizers are very experienced, it has been the 8th event of its kind, and one can feel this in the smooth running of the event. The venue is a cultural centre, and the dancing room is really huge, with a good sound system, enough chairs and sofas and nice lighting. Unfortunately the floor is concrete, or at least somehow hard, and my knees and feet did not like it at all. I’ve been dancing in BA a lot on hard tiled floors, but it’s a big difference if you just go for a milonga or for a whole weekend.

The level of dancing was spread widely, but there has been a significant number of high level dancers, and to my surprise it did not feel very (gender)unbalanced most of the time. I had lovely tandas and have chosen to sit sometimes because of my aching body, just watching the dancers and chat with my friends. The ronda was good most of the times, since there has been enough space for all.

The bar was very well stocked, and for the brunch (which is included in the milonga entrance as well as some fruits and cakes, tea, coffee, and water) there has been some hand crafted bread – very tasty! I usually don’t eat just bread with some butter – but in Freiburg I have been eating this bread all the time. Delicious memories, my friends! Thank you!

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