Tango Cherries – Amor en Budapest 2014, Hungary

Oh Budapest, mi amor! This city is incredibly beautiful, friendly, organized and welcoming.

Amor en Budapest is one among a lot of tango marathons and festivals happening here. The nice location – a ballroom with stucco ceilings and chandeliers – is surrounded by bars, restaurants and cafes, right next to touristic attractions and metro stations.

If you think about going for the first time to a marathon this event might be your choice! It’s not as hard to get in as in other events, it has a relaxed atmosphere, a beautiful old wooden floor, and mostly good DJ’s. Compared to other marathons the level of dancing is widely spread, so everybody can find a partner on his/her level. The food has room for improvement. Participants have been from all over europe, so it’s a good choice for first stepping into european tango events.

Be aware as a follower if you have to cancel your participation you need to name a leader (!) as a replacement in order to get back your money.

Eventually I had a pleasurable time, meeting friends, dining out, watching soccer, having drinks, and enjoying some tandas with my favorite dancers from Budapest and some friends from abroad.

I will be back for palinka festival in Budapest!

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