Tango Cherries – Amsterdam Tango Marathon 2014, Netherlands

The tango marathon in Amsterdam is not really a marathon like others. First there is this amazing location: you can dance and chill right at the waterfront, watching the cruise ships and ferries, smell the ocean somehow. Second it is a rather cheap option to dance a whole weekend, and you don’t have to pay after registering (unlike for other events, where you have to wire your money half a year in advance), but at the door.

Sure these points have some disadvantages, too. The price is rather low because there are no shared meals – something I miss a bit, the social life around brunch and dinner. And because of the rules of the wonderful location (a concert hall with exciting architecture, a sunny outside dancing terrace, but a bit bumpy wooden floor to dance inside) one have to accept that the marathon stops there at 3.30 h in the morning and the after party will be held in another place, about 15 minutes walk away. For lazy people like me that means I neither this year no last year have seen the after party – so I can not write about it.

As far as I see it the organizers do not select people from their dancing capabilities or nationality, they seem to just accept the first 250 people registering, but making sure a balanced gender. So this event is very popular amongst the local dancing scene.
The friday I did not like very much – the music did not inspire me, and I felt a very “noisy” energy on the dance floor, people kicking each other and bumping into each other. I can only wonder why it happened, if there were too many people not used to navigate on crowded floors, or if it’s the general “friday excitement” of a marathon … who knows.

The saturday was sunny and I had the opportunity to go on a private boat trip through Amsterdam’s beautiful canals in the afternoon – I loved it!

And after our return I suddenly got into the mood and danced right away, only interjected from a quick shower break, until 3.30 h. wow! Tandas to remember!

On sunday my dance lacked a bit of seriousness, because in honor of the world cup finals I danced the whole day in my german national soccer t-shirt 🙂

And I have to confess that I did not miss dancing when we watched the final – 2 blond tall german girls amongst 20 exil-argentinians in a spanish restaurant in Amsterdam … what a night! We are WELTMEISTER! I’m so proud.

Conclusion: when you win the final you can only love the marathon you have been dancing at when it happened!

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