Tango Cherries – Belgrade New Year’s Tango Marathon 2015/2016

It’s been a while, folks, having been at events already reviewed the year before,  and spending some time in BA. But I’m still alive and writing when there is something to write about!
Some cities’ tango scene is significantly raised and influenced by a charismatic teacher-team or -couple, and so I felt it is in Belgrade. The “tango natural” founders have grown a lively and young, energetic and playful group of tangueros and tangueras. Hence I have been very curious about their new years party.
It turned out to be a no-frills, warm hearted, carefully prepared and executed party of 3 days/6 nights, if you count the pre-party and after-party in. A really rather small amount of friendly international and belgrade dancers, a nice level of dancing, open minds, lots of smiles, a well gender-balanced crowd, deep conversations as well as dirty jokes, absolutely *my* cup of tea.

Belgrade New Year's Marathon
credits: Slobodan Miljevic

My favorite DJ’s on the turntables, enough space to dance, delicious palacintas (pancakes) and reasonable espressi. Like! A timetable suiting my preferences (defined milonga times of 5 hours in the afternoon and night milongas from 22-5, keeping space for dinners and some naps), and a simply good company made me glide into the new year relaxed, happy and calm.

If you like cosy events with freedom of mind, attentive hosts, focus on dancing and hugs, a rather quiet new year than explosive fire cracker style, and prefer a rather private party atmosphere to a grand gala milonga, this is your place.
I am thankful for the great hospitality and the good vibes, and I’ve very much appreciated being part of the serbian party crowd. I will make sure to be back here for more!

Happy New Year!

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