Tango Cherries – BigFOOT Marathon 2016, Istanbul, Turkey

Tango Cherries 47 - Big foot MarathonIstanbul is always worth traveling to for tango. So far most of the times I enjoyed just the regular milongas when visiting this beautiful city. But since I feel tempted a lot from tango locations close to the sea, going to big foot has been just a matter of time.
Lovely, simply lovely. Except for the weather on friday!
But ok, more details: the venue is a nice hotel with a big ballroom facing the bosporus. One side of it is just glas and we danced with this amazing view of turquoise water, big ships, and blue skies. Wooden floor, excellent DJ’s and a well tuned sound system made dancing and watching outside a pleasure. Tasty food, a well stocked bar and many possibilities to rest and chat accompanied the dance experience very well.
The crowd has been a perfect mix of 150 turkish and foreign dancers, with well balanced leader/follower ratio, as well as a very social and warm group. Level of dance has been quite exquisite, but not posh.
I would call big foot marathon a little diamond in this world of bigger, biggest and super-big events. If you are after rather small, intimate and social events, come here. Turkish hospitality, buena onda – no drinking games, no party queens. Just warm embraces, energetic music, and shiny eyes in a perfect place.

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