Tango Cherries – Bohnes Aires 2015, Erfurt, Germany

Ok, the name sounds first, eh, a bit weird, but never mind, it’s worth laughing 🙂

The concept of the event has been a mixture of encuentro and marathon. The encuentro elements have been announced as: use cabeceo/mirada, invitation to clear the dance floor after one tanda, dedicated times for afternoon- and evening milongas as well as for dinner on saturday. No other common meals. Outside this elements the event has been quite marathonian: free water/coffee, free seating, a lot of socializing, good level of dance, and gender balance.

Since the amount of dancers has been rather small (around 120, I guess) it has been quite easy to get in contact (and dance) with unknown dancers, and from the very first minute we all felt cozy and well taken care.There has been a nice, intuitive and comfy pick-up-zone where followers could make sure easily to get a cabeceo when they wished to dance.
On friday we suffered a bit from the restricted size of the dance floor, but after some talks with the organizers, the dance floor has been bigger and dancing was much more comfortable with enough space on saturday and sunday. Floor and sound system have been very nice since the event has been taken place in a well run tango school.

{personally I like freedom in tango, and in events, so I enjoyed many times consecutive tandas with leaders I like to dance with, while some leaders (and I guess followers as well) stuck on an one tanda scheme – eventually it has been the same like in marathons, every one decides for her/him what she/he likes to do.}

The DJ’s have been selected carefully and always gave the right amount of energy or calmness to the dancing crowd, I counted several D’Arienzo tandas when we needed and wanted the kick on saturday, and a lot of melodies on sunday …. a well stocked bar and some nice little surprises like ice cream, jelly beans, and italian café gave it an additional special flavor.

After all I felt like on a sunny sunday with friends: in a big living room, relaxing, dancing, chatting in a very open, friendly and warm atmosphere. I congratulate the organizing team to this first event and wish good luck for the upcoming ones! Count me in for next summer!

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