Tango Cherries – Bratislava Tango Party 2015

Mix Slovakian with Turkish hospitality, smart minds, bursting creativity, golden hearts, and lots of humor and you know well the organizing team of this cool event, which happened the first time this year.

Bratislava Tango Party
Bratislava Tango Party

What shall I say? They travelled a lot to events and know what dancers want: good leader/follower ratio and enough dancers of the opposite role on the same level of dancing. Good wooden floor. Well adjusted sound system. Carefully selected DJ’s who push the people and manage well the energy in the room. The right amount of friends, as well as some new faces to explore. Friendly, open minded, energetic guests from different countries, hungry to dance, to party, and to socialize. A well stocked bar. Clothes and shoes for sale. A gifted masseur at affordable rates on site. And: they added los cachivachies, for an open air concert with milonga (I forgot to ask how they switched off the rain just for the hours of it) as well as for a funny flashmob in a shopping mall.

As for different budgets they offered special rates at a hostel as well as at a beautiful new 4 star hotel, both 3 minutes to walk from the venue, and for me the hotel was a fantastic experience for a very low price.

I felt taken care of in every possible way, organizers and helpers have been there for every question, at whatever time. I am deeply impressed how well all things went. I think all dancers and DJ’s want to come back next year, for sure including me. Looking forward to seeing you all again!

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