Tango Cherries – Bratislava Tango Party, 2016

Dancing on Sunday
Dancing on Sunday under the banana!

How to combine 200 kg of eaten bananas with fire throwing dancers? Just come to Bratislava for their marathon!

If your face now is more a question mark, yes, it seems the tango maniacs there are not only passionate about dancing and organizing a beautiful event, they are especially creative about it.

Having been there last year already the standards they set were really high. I’m always feeling that it is easier to start with a new event and being successful, than keeping the good level and meeting the expectations of the guests.

But I have to say they not only met my expectations, they even managed to surprise me again.

What makes this event so special is – beside their creativity and ideas around the marathon – the mix of people. This year the level of dancing has been incredibly high for a rather small event, but the friendliness stayed there as well. There have been an impressing number of professional dancers from all over europe, and I could see how they enjoyed mingling, chatting, dancing, drinking, eating bananas, making jokes, let’s say: they enjoyed not being perceived as stars or teachers, but as dancers. And we, the non-pro dancers, enjoyed their relaxed company. I experienced this so far only in La Latina, so for a small city and small community like Bratislava this is a huge success. Congrats!

Secret Garden Cafe
Secret Garden Cafe

Well, for sure the smooth organization helped enjoying our time, very nice hotel and hostel nearby, good recommendations for going out to have dinner, sunshine and so many smiles.

We had pleasant DJ’s as well, and the venue with wooden floor and seating options all around the dance floor, a very gifted massage therapist with ultimate reasonable prices, and a well stocked bar made it a very memorable event. My personal favorite DJ-set came from Konrad Krynski, Budapest.

Bratislava itself offers many nice places for coffee, wine, all kinds of food, for a moment of silence or a bunch of laughing people. And all in walking distance.

Beside the marathon program there have been some outdoor dancing as well as a show of tango dancers and fire throwing artists, which was a nice excursion on saturday early evening.

Bratislava Tango Party 2016I only asked myself why of all things they got bananas as the slogan … I did not find out. But it turned out to be the perfect marathon snack, nobody slipped on a banana peel, and the decoration looked lovely.

For next year they will have a “magic” theme, so we stay curious and wait that we can come back!

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