Tango Cherries – Byblos Tango Fest 2015, Lebanon

Credits: Joe Hadad Photography - https://www.facebook.com/joehaddadphotography/?ref=hl
Credits: Joe Hadad Photography – Joe Hadad on Facebook

If last years most crazy tango trip (in the perception of my friends) has been Moscow, this years one has been my trip to lebanon for sure. But, what can I say, except: it has been one of my greatest tango trips ever and worth stepping out of my comfort zone.

Byblos Palm Trees

Byblos is a historic little city about one hour drive from Beirut (depending on the traffic it can take you 3 hours as well, but that’s lebanon …). It’s located at the sea and has many fine restaurants as well as hotels of different price scales. You can walk to every place here on cobblestone lanes, the nightlife is a heavy one and the beaches are cozy as well as well entertained, depending on what you are looking for. Sightseeing is easy, byblos is one of the oldest human settlements on earth, and the famous cedars are only some hours drive away.

The country itself has a different rhythm. It’s a different way of living, surely influenced from history and wars. People have an amazing energy and desire to party and enjoy life to the fullest. They are very open and integrate new people faster in the group than an average northern european could say “hello” 😉

Byblos at night
Byblos at night

As a traveller u will always experience a stunning hospitality, people take care for whatever extraordinary wish you have. There is no “no”, only a “it might be difficult”, and then they start to move the earth if you wish. Time scheduling can be a bit surprising, because there are so many things to do, people to talk to, plans to make and to change, that usually you will not get with your lebanese friends to any point at the time you have been planning, but later. Though, you will have made some unexpected and nice experiences on the way.
The food there is awesome!

Tango in byblos is developing. Don’t expect a dance level like in major european festivalitos or in a marathon. But I enjoyed a bunch of “fun to hang with” maestras and maestros, who danced socially every night, regardless of statu

Byblos Flowers
blossoming Byblos

s, dance level, or other typically distinguishing european criteria of choosing a dance partner. There are amazing motivated beginners (which danced an impressive group show), a group of international guests, and well chosen DJ’s.

The best: you dance on the central square of byblos, on parquet floor, open air. Stars, sound, lights make you feel like in a kind of a tango dream.

Byblos, View from my hotel room

{ok, some things need to be mentioned as well:
– if you have any stamp of israel in your passport: you can not enter the country.
– be aware of frequent electricity cut outs, but usually after some minutes private energy suppliers deliver electricity.
– yes, you will see a lot of soldiers and barbed wire in beirut. But right now the situation is safe for tourists in beirut and byblos.}

To enjoy lebanon, take plenty of time. And try to sleep before and after your trip … because you will get everything there, but sleep.
I loved it. I’ll be back next year. Join me!

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