Tango Cherries – Chill Out Tango Marathon 2015, Adrasan, Turkey

Tango at the sea, for me an almost irresistible combination. Add late summer/early autumn at a sunny coast location, and turkish hospitality and spice.
Located in adrasan, a rural place approximately 2 hours drive from Antalya, the marathon place is a rather basic hotel, with a kind of shabby chic. Around a pool it consists of a circular building with the rooms and the dance hall. The (pebble) beach is only a 2 minutes walk away, so if you want a lazy combination of swimming, raki, sun, and dance, it’s *the* place to be!
DJ’s, sound quality, and dance level were superb, and professional photographers, shoe and clothes stands and nice food completed the pleasurable experience.

credits: Isa Kurt, https://www.facebook.com/groups/1212367802111849/1284024411612854/?notif_t=group_activity
credits: Isa Kurt, IstAndBull Visual Arts

Some minor problems occurred through hot and humid weather (changing from slippery to very sticky floor and back). One day we had heavy winds and suffered from several electrical cut outs. It felt like authentic buenos aires to me, and the forced breaks in the afternoon milonga turned into some of the best conversations I had there.

My personal applause for the organizers and DJ’s, who dealt with this rather uncomfortable situations with the greatest elegance and calmness.
The sea is wonderful clear and warm there, and since it is off-season there are not too many people. Still all restaurants are open. As a side program there is a boat trip (non-tango-music) for the party animals … and after the last tanda at 6 in the morning you can go to the beach, swim into the sunrise, and be happy that you are there in this very moment.
See you next year!

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