Tango Cherries – Colegiala Marathon 2015, Marina di Massa, Italy

I think this year I unconsciously choose many marathons which happen to be held close to the sea. So this one as well.
Located in marina di massa, a small city approximately 45 minutes away from pisa, this marathon took place in an architectural highlight, the torre fiat. In the summer season it is used as a very big youth hostel. When we were there, the kids were all gone and the marathoners where the only guests.
The food and the view to the sea from almost all rooms were amazing, although the hostel itself is quite basic.
The marathon has been one of the bigger marathons with about 350 participants, around 10% of them were foreigners. Since I don’t speak italian I sometimes struggled a bit with the announcements, but at least all written communication was available in english as well.
Dance level has been medium to high, a wooden floor and good sound system, as well as a good selection of DJ’s added up to a pleasurable experience for the dancers.

If you like italian style tango DJ-ing and dancing, life style (caffe!, vino!, pasta!), and a warmhearted organizing team, long party nights (until 7.30 h in the morning), a welcoming atmosphere and sun at the beach: definitely go to this marathon!

Credits: vincenzo cerati foto

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