Tango Cherries – Danube Winter Tango Meeting 2015, Budapest, Hungary

If you haven’t been there before, the first time you arrive will probably scare you. You go to an old industrial area, lots of broken houses, in between some gas stations, some companies which seem to work and an endless 8 lined street. At the given street number you enter a shabby entrance gate and jolt over cobblestones and deep holes into the leftovers of a plant or whatever it has been. An armed guy checks the car and surprisingly nods when you say “tango” or “bakelit” because of lacking any hungarian words. You end up in between a facade with broken glass windows, looking like in a freaky movie, and another building with a small entrance door and a sign “bakelit”. Here we go.

Open the door, and you walk into life. Bakelit is a multi art center, and it is hidden very well, I would say. Inside you enter some stairs and see lights, people, the bar, chairs in the chill out area, and when you walk further you will find a superb dance area, and the hostel just behind.

From that very moment you will start to love the place.

Tasty hungarian food, a fine mixed crowd of dancers, medium to high dance level, enough space at all times on the floor, a lot of laugher and socializing, good DJ’s, and entertaining surprises made me feel well all the days. Even if I decided to not learn czardasz dance, I loved watching the friends. There has been a nice social program on friday as well (ice skating, thermal bathing, sightseeing), and both the surprise singing and the official party for gabors birthday have been soooo cute.

{personally I had such nice encounters with fabulous italian leaders that I feel the need to rework my decision to (tango-wise) stay away from italy. Principles sometimes need to be changed}

This marathon is organized with a lot of love to the details, and the hosts are always present, willing to serve the pleasure of their guests, dancing with their guests, chatting and giving everybody the feeling of being appreciated here. I call it true hospitality! Thank you!

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