Tango Cherries – El Sabor de Hungria 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Tango Cherries – El Sabor de Hungria 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Ah Budapest, beautiful city, here I came again for some summer days, while back home in Germany the autumn already took over ….

I’m not a festival tanguera, somehow I often feel lost in big venues, and I like the cosy atmosphere of the marathons, where you can be lazy in terms of watching dancers: since the organizers usually select carefully you might accept invitations of unknown dancers and have good chances still having a good time. This is different in festivals.

So I’ve been curious of how it would be in Budapest – and it was very nice! First I had a lot of friends being there, so one of the mayor disadvantages of the single traveling festival tanguera – eating out alone – was covered nicely. Second the milongas were not so big, the whole festival seems to be just the right size. And, most important: you can feel the energy and care-taking mood of the organizers in every moment.

I will give you an unexpected example – the things you find in the restrooms. Usually you will find there women’s toiletries to your free disposal, tissues, deodorant, and hand care. More “advanced” restroom baskets contain extra make-up removal pads, foot creme, band aids, painkillers, toothpaste, and face care. At the festival in Budapest I’ve seen on top of it nail polish (transparent and colored), foot deodorant, tooth brushes, and more things which I forgot ….. it has been the most complete ever seen tanguera facilities for me, and it felt so good to see that somebody was really thinking hard about all the little discomforts one might suffer from and can be cured there. This love to the details is something very unique.

I enjoyed many exciting tandas, funny chats, I met friends I haven’t seen for more than a year, and the DJ’s played excellent sets. Even though the afternoon milongas were on a tile floor, the place has been very Buenos Aires like, and for the nights we enjoyed a venue which is already field-tested from many marathons and milongas …

For the future I still prefer marathons, but there will be some warmhearted organized festivals on my schedule as well, thanks to palinka festival.
———-> eh, Palinka? I forgot? There has been many different sorts of tasty Palinka, hmmmm. Somebody seen my axis aound?

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