Tango Cherries – G.Pampa Marathon, Karlsruhe, Germany

If a tango marathon can be like a sweet tango embrace – this is it.

The third (and last) edition of this marathon evolved to be definitely the best edition, and a very heartwarming one, too.
The combination of sunshine, a latin dance studio with very good facilities (floor, sound, daylight, aircon, light system at night, changing room, workshop room), experienced and passionate organizers, good catering, and a very social and friendly crowd made it a very special event.

For those who were keen on learning there were 3 workshops offered – they were held parallel to the dancing behind a big glass wall, so everybody could choose what to do, take part, watch, or dance at the marathon dance floor.

Surprisingly there have been some more leaders than followers in the event, which forced some followers to big excitement 🙂 and some leaders to an interesting discussion on FB (giving more insights to thinking of some leaders than they might have wanted to), but at all times I had the impression of a well-balanced crowd – and nobody I spoke to (especially leaders) had a complaint about not finding adequate dance partners.

Me and all the people I have seen were thankful and happy when they left. Unfortunately we can not come back, since the organizers decided to take a break from it.

But watch out, maybe they will be back with new ideas in while (I hope)!

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