Tango Cherries – Hannover Marathon 2014, Germany

Hannover is a medium-sized city in northern germany, most famous for the exhibition centre, where a lot of international fairs are held. It has a small, but lively tango community, and I like a lot that different schools use dance spaces together for milongas. So the usual school fights which I experience in bigger cities – independent of the country – does not exist here.

Their marathon has a long tradition, it has been the 7th this year. Since my very first tango teacher has been working many years in Hannover and has still close connection to the people there, I started to go there in my first year of marathons, and have been there my 3rd time.

The marathon is a small and very familiar event. Most dancers are Germans, and many of them are not regular tango travellers. You can book a “dance only” ticket, where you skip the joint meals and just come to dance, which is not common in other events, but attracts locals.

The DJ line up is simple – the local DJ’s play. It sounds a bit boring when I write it, but it was not. One set without cortinas did not match my personal taste (I really like cortinas, they give structures), but some other dancers explained their wishes of “no cortina sets”, so the whole concept is focused on “friends and family”, and the location supports this idea well. After some remodelling there were now 2 areas with comfy sofas to chill and watch the dancers, and the strict gender balance as the amount of dancers were just right for me – enough to dance 1) with all my friends I wanted to dance with and 2) explore some new dancers every day.

For me my strategy pays off to be more in Germany than last year, because there are excellent dancers even in the smaller communities – not really dancers who dance a show, but dancers who make you feel soooo good in their arms.

Hannover will be a part of my travelling schedule next year again, thanks to the tango family there!

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