Tango Cherries – High Noon Marathon 2014, Berlin, Germany

Tango Cherries – High Noon Marathon 2014, Berlin, Germany

My history with this event is special: High Noon has been my very first marathon 2 years ago, my first time sitting astonished and with big eyes watching all those lovely couples, the steps, connections, laughers, the subtle miradas and cabeceos, and the very special flow.

Nowadays I’m coming for my third time, and it feels like coming home, meeting all my friends, spending many hours in this bright room with the wonderful floor, with superb music sets, delicious breakfast (the very croissants on sunday are reason enough to come, if you ask me), friendly bar tenders and an air of joy, of delight, and indulgence. If u know the feeling of being in a bubble, out of time, and out of world, for a weekend – this is it.

Yes, every year in the beginning of august it is very hot in berlin. And yes, dancing at high noon is a very sweaty thing, on sunday night you will become “slow cooked dancers” if you wanna call it that way.

I personally like it very much – since I’m a lover of hot weather. But beside there is another impact: since anybody looks more or less a bit destroyed after the first tanda is danced, nobody is taking care so much about make-up, hair, fancy dresses and suits. This effect relaxes the crowd, I think, and  as well I feel sometimes that sweating so much together as a couple gives you a special way of being connected, accepting and welcoming the other body, the other person, even if s/he is very, very wet!

With friends we often wonder how the organizers get together this very special crowd – sometimes I feel they might select people by hand or do a kind of a magic selection ritual, because the people all together are simply serene and hilarious.

In every detail you feel the love and dedication of the organizing “trio infernale” to their guests: the ham you cut yourself from the whole leg, the scrambled eggs are made from a buddy standing there for hours with a big smile in the heat at the buffet, the croissants – aaaaah I already mentioned – are like this great song of Viktor Lazlo: “sweet, soft ‘n’ lazy”, the dinner is perfectly organized (the ladies already queue up for food while the gentlemen place the tables and benches), the chilling zone is comfy and since there is a shower you can quickly refresh yourself whenever you want.

My only and biggest problem at this marathon: I left on sunday night some hours before the official end, because my feet were over-danced, and my heart filled with tango bliss, I couldn’t take more, I had to fly home.

High noon is sold out very quickly every time, and I know why. If I could go only to 3 marathons in europe a year, this would be one of the 3. But now we have to wait another year …

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