Tango Cherries – La Cita de los Amigos 2014, Brussels, Belgium

Arriving at the venue has been an impressive thing: you go to church. To dance. Open your mouth and stare with wide eyes when entering the room for dancing. Magic! This room has a very specific sparkling energy which touches everybody from the right beginning.

The church itself has been turned into a modern art centre with focus on dance. So it is *the* venue. Beside the old building there is a second, modern wing with a seating area, where you can eat, chat, relax, and watch they grey sky out of the big glass front, while sitting warm and cozy.

The marathon is rather one of the big ones, and “half europe” has been there to have a pre-christmas party. With the wooden floor put in this year specifically for the marathon all dancers were very happy.

I liked especially the in-cortina-art we were presented on saturday. It distracted the dancing a bit, but it has been one of the best christmas-related art things I’ve seen so far. Under the upside-down-hanging christmas tree (I love you for that, my friends!) maria turned out to be a flamenco dancer for some moments, one of the 3 holy men followed the devilish brazilian samba girl instead his colleagues, and the fire dance show made me goosebumps as the malambo did.

Food wise I found it a bit difficult. This marathon is heaven for vegetarians, because there is served vegetarian food only. Since I don’t eat cheese and try to avoid onions and garlic as well as pulses for some olfactory reasons in tango, I had very limited options. Though the fresh fruit, croissants in the morning like in La Viruta and the crepes had been a pure delight!

Dance level has been quite high, even some Argentinian artists from Otango showed up later at night. Music had a superb quality, and the DJ selection made me happy.

We all went home with a feeling of peace and love and happiness, right prepared for christmas.

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