Tango Cherries – La Latina, 2016, Rome (Italy)

The Pool
The Pool, credits: J.-P. Battaille

Among experienced “tangomarathonees” there are some buzzing names. If you say “La Latina” suddenly their eyes shine, their smile gets big, and people change immediately into “sigh, what memories” mode.

So what is it about? Taking some random facts one wonders what can be *so* good about spening 5 days in august in an hotel located in an industrial suburb of Rome?

La Latina 2016
Dinner Time, credits: J.-P. Battaille

Well, if you have been there, you know. If not, you might struggle to understand why people are so excited. Some other facts may help: There are multiple times as many registrations as there are spots. Even the usually always welcome late registering single leaders – forget about it. Being choosen to take part makes the day or the week of many dancers.

The organizers combine italian dolce vita with reliability, a nice hotel, plenty of good food, a well stocked bar with real barristas, and the beste dancers. The floor is excellent, the DJ’s as well, people relax, laugh, drink, dance, sleLa Latina 2016ep, eat, repeat …My personal favorite DJ-set has been from Mauro Berardi.

If you see the many tango events recently popping up on the European landscape, there are some classy events others do not reach, and one of those is La Latina. After a break organizers took in 20015 they came back with more ideas, games at the pool, DJ-battles, show-cooking – and kept the excellent things we all knew, like the hotel, yoga classes, and the marathon.

La Latina is a feast – people celebrate not only the tango, but themselves, life, summer, and Italy. Tango wouldn’t be the same in Europe without La Latina. The community is happy that you came back, and we all hope the story continues.

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