Tango Cherries – Leipzig and Mattstedt 2014, Germany

Tango Cherries – Leipzig and Mattstedt 2014, Germany

Since I decided to travel more in germany this year, I’ve been recently to Tangotage Leipzig and at the Tango Weekender Mattstedt.

Leipzig has been a festival, and I have been very curious about the dancing there (it has been my first time dancing in Leipzig). The locations were very nice, I really liked the afternoon milonga place (alme en vuelo), which has a beautiful mirror wall, some glass fronts, perfect wooden floor, and a nice bar area. Dancing has been a bit difficult – there were many people, and keeping a good ronda was not one of the core competencies of the dancing crowd there.

The night events were at a beautiful old place, and the organizers put a special dancing floor in, so dancing was a delight on that floor. The shows of Gaston and Moira have been very nice, in contrary to the show of some local tangueros/tangueras. I felt so much compassion and same at the same time. I would have liked to leave, but I got one of the last seats, middle of the front row, so I had to see it all …. one girl was trembling so much with her legs that I thought she will fall down immediately. She looked like she never before walked in high heels.

I talked to several people after, asking for their opinions, and some liked this show and some not, so the mileage differs. Eventually I got the impression, that some of the strange behavior I saw on the dance floor (dancing zick-zack, no ronda, big moves without any consideration of the other couples around) might be caused by the way some local teachers act. But it’s just my impression.
The after party was very nice, relaxed atmosphere, good food (brunch), and an exceptional music selection. I got lots of wonderful dances and left Leipzig with shiny eyes. Thank u all!

After 2 rather disappointing days in berlin (I got a cold …) I moved back south, to Mattstedt. If you haven’t been there, imagine an old mill in the middle of nowhere, just greens, cows, small villages. And there you will meet a bunch of tango addicts, and it feels like a holiday camp for tangueros/as. Since there is almost no network nor Wi-Fi, people stop using their phones and laptops, and just chill below the big trees and chat, dance and hug, eat and drink, sleep and walk around, cool their feet in the little brook behind the buildings. Most people sleep in tents, or in the dormitory, and for little princesses like me there are some few rooms in guest houses.

The infrastructure is rather rural, but people are so relaxed! The food is home-made and good, and we had hot summer weather, with outdoor dancing to the limits (I danced some consecutive tandas with a very good dancer and at some point I felt my brain grilled and I had to ask to stop for some water, which never happened to me before). There were plenty of good dancers, you can book workshops if you feel like, but you can be totally lazy (like me), too. The selection of DJ’s was great – I personally didn’t like only one session which had too much non/nuevo stuff in it (out of 8 afternoon and night sessions). For the nights there is a big dancing room with a nice wooden floor, but not so many seats, so people stand more, which felt like more dancing to me. There was a good ronda, a lot of mirada/cabeceo invitations, and beautiful classical tango music at night.

I left mattstedt filled with sun and warmth in my heart, made new friends, danced heavenly tandas in melting embraces, I laughed about many good jokes and enjoyed a very welcoming company. This is tango bliss. I will be back!
P.s.: special thanks to miss K, whom I shared my room with – we are really a good team now – almost like a married couple. Wordless understanding in laying on the bed like dead in the heat and just saying: “ach ja”. True happiness ….

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