Tango Cherries – Malmö Tango Marathon 2014, Sweden

The Malmö Marathon is one of the events with a long tradition, it has been the 11th year in a row now. It takes place in a dance studio outside the city center, but easily reachable with public transport. They have a nice wooden floor, one big wall fully covered with mirrors, and even a shower available on site.

The participants come usually mainly from Scandinavia, many of them from Copenhagen and Malmö/Lund area, but every year there are international dancers as well.

The organization does not lack anything, the team is very experienced and things run smoothly. The food is excellent, especially the dinner and soup this year!

Unfortunately there weren’t as many people as I would have expected, so on one hand it has been very pleasurable to have enough space on the dance floor at all times, but choices seemed to be a bit limited regarding the total available amount of dancers. The level has been spread widely, from beginners to professional teachers.

Since there were single tickets available for afternoons and nights the crowd has been mixed more than usual, and the cozy marathon feeling of being in a bubble for 2 days with the same people wasn’t really there, so it felt for me more like a milonga weekend.

On sunday unfortunately the nice sofas and chairs around the dance floor were already removed when the dancing started, so the feeling was like it’s already over, which made me a bit sad.

But I made new friends, met beautiful and interesting people, and shared lots of warm embraces there.

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