Tango Cherries – Maratango 2014, Mannheim, Germany

Maratango is one of the younger marathons in the european tango circus, organized by a young teaching couple with a great team of helpers. The venue is their school, and it’s a beautiful floor in an old industrial building.

The biggest point which might have driven some people nuts: it was very, very hot. All windows open, but if you have an outside late summer with high temperatures, and no aircon, you just need to be able to suffer a bit. For me that’s totally fine, because I prefer to not freeze, but sweat. Since a public shower was available and all dancers I know usually are prepared with plenty of shirts to change – it was awesome there!

The DJ’s fired up the crowd, dancing on this floor has been a pleasure, and never has been bumpy, and also the tasty food (the chocolate mousse, ohhhhh! and the linzer cake from R., heaven!) made this weekend a very nice one.

What I really liked were the signs on the bar: “bar staff might be asked to dance!” and “bar service is back after this tanda” – so everyone knows that the helpers had a kind of a flexible working scheme, and they organized themselves the way that they were dancing when there wasn’t a lot of work, and I never had the impression that service quality suffered from absent (dancing) helpers, but overall dance profited a lot from happy dancing bartenders!

Dancing level was mixed, and I felt that everybody could find dancers on their preferred level and style, at some moments there were even more leaders than followers in the room (jejeje!!! thanks!) – it has been a marathon in the true sense: an event organized to enjoy the pure joy and passion of dancing tango socially among friendly people.

Thanks a lot, and see u next year!

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